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Illinois Real Estate Tax Sale and Tax Deed Matters

Ours is one of the few firms in Illinois with over 40 years of experience helping people with delinquent real estate tax problems. Here are some real-life experiences we've had:

  • Clients often come to us after their taxes have been sold but before a tax deed has been issued. We can help them redeem from the tax sale.
  • Some clients cannot redeem from a tax sale within the time allowed by law. We may be able to help them get more time to redeem.
  • A church retained us after the taxes on its property were sold. We established that the property was exempt from real estate taxes and saved the property.
  • Clients frequently retain us after the period of redemption from a tax sale has expired. We have often been able to prevent a tax deed from being issued.
  • Clients even come to us after a tax deed has been issued. The Indemnity Fund may reimburse a taxpayer who has lost his or her property to a tax deed. In some cases, we have negotiated an agreement to repurchase the property from a tax buyer in exchange for the Indemnity Fund award.
  • The former owner of a multimillion dollar property retained us after the property had been lost to a tax deed and then sold to a developer. After years of litigation and several appeals, we obtained millions of dollars of relief for the former owner.

We pride ourselves on our ability to see the big picture. If you come to us with a problem, we'll advise you as to what remedy is available. But Call Matt Flamm today because all of these remedies have time limits.

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