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Estate Planning and Probate

While estate planning (before death) and probate proceedings (after death) are distinct areas of our practice, we consider them intertwined because good planning can mitigate the time, cost, and aggravation of probate proceedings. 

When you consult us for estate planning we consider both your current planning issues and the possible situation and options to avoid probate. These may include using a simple trust, changing title to assets, gifting and future events likely to require modification.

We can provide you with custom tailored documents such as wills and trusts that maximize your future flexibility and minimize future cost. In addition we will provide Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and related medical care documentation to clearly delineate who you want to handle such matters should you become incompetent to make your own decisions.

We can advise you in regard to both the federal and Illinois estate tax limits and requirements, which can be essential for planning to avoid such taxes.

When the time comes, we can implement your plan with surviving family as designed and at low cost.

If you have questions about estate planning or probate, call or email Joel Teibloom today.

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