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Strategic Solutions For Illinois Businesses

From regulation compliance to day-to-day operations, business entities face myriad challenges that can threaten their profits. A seemingly minor legal snag can eventually develop into an expensive dispute. The earlier a company addresses a problem, the sooner our team at Flamm & Teibloom LLC can resolve it.

At Flamm & Teibloom LLC, our two attorneys work together to represent business entities and nonprofits in the Chicago area. With more than 80 years of combined experience, we take pride in the problem-solving strategies we provide our clients. With our strategic use of negotiation, we strive to resolve clients’ legal matters out of court.

Comprehensive Real Estate Tax Representation

Real estate transactions or developments come with significant tax considerations. We handle every tax-related matter that real estate encompasses, including tax deed proceedings and real estate tax sales. We will help you understand the complex laws that apply to real estate taxes and guide you through the filing process. If you face losing your property, we can advocate for your rights in the delinquency hearings.

Unique Solutions For Your Unique Company

Twenty-first century businesses cannot rely on cookie-cutter representation. It takes innovative, tailored strategies to achieve your goals. Our partner attorneys sit down with each client to get to know their operations, culture and aspirations. Once we understand your story, we will develop the next steps to help you tell it.

Seek Strategic Representation Today

For all your business needs, our experienced lawyers at Flamm & Teibloom LLC can provide the solutions that you require. Schedule your initial consultation by reaching out to our Chicago office. You can send us an email or call us at 312-392-0306.